Plebeian Point of View: Drew McIntyre

This article is about a guy who I believe is being horribly underused in the WWE. He went from challenging the best of the best to being a jobber in a three man team. He held the Intercontinental Championship for 161 days (the 21st longest run in the championship’s 35 year history), but is now lucky to be on TV. This article is about the man who at one point had arguably the best entrance music in the WWE. This article is about Drew McIntyre.

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Royal Rumble 2014 Predictions

Are you ready? Are you ready for the Road to Wrestlemania? More importantly, are you ready for constant pointing at the Wrestlemania 30 sign that will be present in the arena every week? I know I am. There are a lot of questions over the direction the WWE will take over the next few months, and where they go could potentially define the next great era of the business. The unpredictability is fantastic, and nowhere is it more appropriate than the Royal Rumble match. You can never be sure who will turn up, who will turn on who, and sometimes even who will reign supreme. This really is the best time of year to be a wrestling fan, and it properly starts this weekend!

There are 5 matches currently confirmed for the show, with the slight possibility of a Divas match being added too. There’s also a slight change to the rules for this one, as for the Royal Rumble match itself we will not lose any points for any wrong extra guesses. There’s so much that could happen that I thought it fairer to give us a free reign here to pick up as many points as possible. So, without further ado, let’s do this! Read More

Thoughts of a Pleb: A Statistical Look At The World Heavyweight Championship

Source: WWE.Com
Source: WWE.Com

So a Happy New Year to all! As we all know, a couple of weeks ago at TLC the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship were unified, and the WHC was officially retired. Being a self-professed wrestling nerd, I decided it would be interesting to look at the now complete history of the Championship, and look at some of the statistics over its 11 year and 3 month existence.

To start with, 25 different people held the World Heavyweight Championship between 2002 and 2013, compared to 19 people who have held the WWE Championship in the same time. The average title reign was 73 and a quarter days, which would work out to just under 2 and a half months. It’s interesting to note that the average first time title reign was 86 and a half days. Read More

TLC 2013 Predictions

Well it’s the last PPV of the year and I’m sure we’re all hoping that the WWE believe in saving the best for last. It’s been a slow year but we have to believe that they have used it to set up some great things going forward into 2014 and beyond. There’s a lot of excitement going in to this one off the back of a fantastic ending to raw. The trick now will be to keep that excitement going and actually follow through for once!!

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Thought’s of a Pleb: The Undisputed Championship


So around 13 months ago, I wrote almost 2400 words on the issue of the brand extension. I listed some arguments both for and against, and one of those I picked up on that fell into the latter category was the issue of having two “World Champions”. My point at the time was that it causes confusion even when there are two separated brands, as casual fans are being told that two different wrestlers are the best in the world at that single moment. Having done away with the brand extension idea, having multiple World Championships borders ridiculous. Two people who could easily fight each other every week shouldn’t be able to call themselves “World Champion” – how can there be more than one? Surely they can just have a match and whoever wins is the World Champion. Well, it’s taken us over a year to get there, but we have finally reached that point. Read More

Survivor Series 2013 Predictions

It’s time for Survivor Series! Historically one of the “Big 4” PPVs but it really hasn’t felt all that special for a while now. Especially this year. The two “top” matches are just not exciting. There are a couple of others on the show though, and since we’re fast approaching the event itself let’s get straight to it! Read More

Plebeian Point Of View: Why WWE Should Buy TNA

A story that hit the headlines in the wrestling world recently was that of the potential takeover of TNA. I don’t think I’ve ever written about the number 2 wrestling company, but maybe I’ve mentioned them in passing. There were reported to be several parties interested in purchasing TNA from the Carter family, but despite assurances from Janice Carter that they were not interested in selling, the reports refused to go away. There was even specuation that discussions were at an advanced stage, or else they wouldn’t have come to light in the first place. Naturally, this news immediately led some to believe that it was only a matter of time before WWE stepped in and took over their “competition”, much like WCW and ECW over a decade ago. I think WWE – or perhaps to be more accurate, Vince McMahon – should do exactly that: buy out the competition, buy TNA. Here’s why… Read More

WWE Hell in the Cell predictions

Hi guys it’s Matt here. It’s the third PPV in what?……6 weeks?! Some might say that’s a bit too much and I would agree. Especially when you look at the quality of the last 2, which have been mediocre at best!

I’ve been hearing that they are going to stop the whole HITC as a PPV after this and are just going to use the match when a feud deserves it. Again I couldn’t agree more with this, and if they would just do the same with the TLC PPV, I’d be a happy chappy!

Anyway on to business. This does look like it could be a decent show, with some half decent matches and a “promise ” of a conclusion to the wwe championship saga on the card, we can’t really do any worse than Battleground……………..right?
Let’s get started as usual with the pre show then:

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WWE Battleground Predictions

Another predictions column? Are we sure? It doesn’t feel that long since the last one. That’s probably because it isn’t, but due to WWE’s scheduling geniuses here we are again! I’m going to attempt to keep this one short because I’m kinda getting bogged down in some uni work, so let’s get to it! Read More

Night of Champions 2013 Predictions

Hey all! Andrew here with the predictions for Night of Champions 2013, since Matt’s “too busy” to write it, having been at the Manchester United vs Crystal Palace game yesterday (C’mon United!). It’s been a couple of months since I’ve done this predictions malarkey, so hopefully I’ll remember the format and not go off on random tangents throughout.

There are currently 6 matches announced for the main show (a small number, so expect 2 or 3 impromptu “special attraction” matches to take place) as well as the pre-show match, which this time round features the return of the tag-team turmoil gimmick! Let’s get right into them shall we?

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