Month: August 2015

The Future of the Roman Empire?

June 2nd, 2014. It’s a date that should in the future go down in history. It was a different time – even though that sounds slightly strange to say given that it was just 15 months ago. Daniel Bryan was WWE Champion, Cesaro was… Continue Reading “The Future of the Roman Empire?”

Yeah, They’re Coming Down

It has finally happened. It looked likely at the Royal Rumble, where we were all left scratching our heads wondering who was going to be getting the tables. It then appeared as though the dream would remain just that earlier in the summer, as… Continue Reading “Yeah, They’re Coming Down”

The NXT WWE Superstar?

It’s time for the second of my posts this week, this time looking at someone I believe could be a future star in the WWE. A couple of days ago I wrote about the so-called “Divas Revolution”, and for this column I’ve gone back… Continue Reading “The NXT WWE Superstar?”

Is the Divas Revolution working?

As we all know, there has been a lot of wrestling over the last few days. NXT had a great show on Saturday night, Summerslam on Sunday featured some really good matches, and last night’s Raw was one of the most newsworthy in a… Continue Reading “Is the Divas Revolution working?”

Introducing: Jamie (The Black Watcher)

Hello, wrestling fan/innocent bystander! My name’s Jamie (a.k.a The Black Watcher) and I’ve just joined the ranks of this soon to be thriving wrestling blog.