Hell In A Cell 2014 Predictions

So here we are again, another WWE PPV! And this time, as you will probably be able to tell, neither me or Matt is particularly excited about it. For me there are two matches that could save this event, but if they don’t deliver or are badly booked then this could be one of the worst PPV’s of the year so far. So after that uber-positive intro, let’s get straight into the predictions!


All images from WWE.com
All images from WWE.com

A: What a horrible stipulation. This feud really needs to end, like, now. It’s tired, the fans aren’t buying it, and the only reason Brie gets any cheers what so ever is because of her husband. But of course this won’t end, because they will try to get sympathy for Brie by having her lose here.

Prediction: Winner – Nikki by pinfall

M: Don’t care at all. Just stupid!

Prediction: Nikki via pinfall


US Title Match

A: It really does go to show just what lengths the fans will go to either hate on or not care about the Miz when the best part about him – even as a heel – is his stunt double. Mizdow will turn face on him eventually, and I’m already thinking that if they can hold off on the eventual match between Damien and Miz until Wrestlemania, you have a hot match right there. He’s in a movie so WWE want to put him in a prominent place on the card, I get that. But you can have him in a reasonably high profile feud without taking a title down to his level. I used to have faith in The Miz as a babyface, but all that hope is rapidly running out. The Irishman to retain (hopefully).

Prediction: Winner and STILL US Champion – Sheamus by pinfall

M: Mildly interesting but only because of Mizdow. It’s likely the 2 will feud so I think Miz loses here to set it up.

Prediction: Winner – Sheamus via pinfall


Divas Title Match

A: This should have been the rivalry that saved the Divas division in the WWE. It’s had all the right elements – two divas who actually know what they’re doing in the ring, are reasonably capable on the mic (moreso in AJ’s case), with actual attempts at character development along the way. Plus it’s always been about the Divas Title, which should make it seem more important. But it still feels like WWE feel the need to protect them, instead of giving them a chance to really impress. Things have felt so flat, that nobody really cares that we actually have the best two people in the company fighting over the Divas Title. And more than anything else, I feel sorry for these two. If only because this can’t go on much longer and they will move on to facing the likes of Cameron and Aksana soon.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Divas Champion – AJ Lee by submission

 M: Same old same old. Again it’s just not worth it.

Prediction: Paige via pinfall


Big Show V Rusev

A: Well well well, here we are again. I think everybody knows about my disdain for Rusev now, and I have to say nothing has changed. This will either be another standard glorified squash for the Bulgarian, or we’ll see Mark Henry come out for the interference to turn heel. Since Henry’s interference would cause Rusev to lose by DQ, and I reckon WWE wants to keep him undefeated, I’ll go with the former.

Prediction: Winner – Rusev by submission

M: With the exception of Ambrose and Rollins, Rusev is the only credible thing in the WWE right now. I can’t wait to find out who he rivals next and the whole undefeated thing has me invested. Anyway Rusev to win here.

Prediction: Rusev via submission


Cena V Orton

A: Why? Seriously WWE, why are you going back to this match for the 600th time? No one wants to see it, and even if they did the WWE Network is a thing now (as if YouTube wasn’t before), and people can go back and watch the other  599 editions of this. And to top it all off, the winner gets a WWE Title shot. When the reason John Cena is in this match is because he lost to Dean Ambrose. And Randy Orton has won once on PPV since February. How does that make sense? On the bright side, regardless of who wins, Brock Lesnar will maul them in their title match. Which makes it all the sweeter since Cena will win.

Prediction: Winner – John Cena by pinfall

M: Again? Really? Almost as pointless as Nikki and Brie. Don’t care much.

Prediction: Winner Orton via pinfall, no doubt after some interference though.


IC Title Match

A: Now here’s a match I’m excited about! Because of the stipulation this should get at least 20 minutes, which should mean this can be a match of the night contender! This is what the Intercontinental Championship has always been about, the best wrestlers – not the biggest names – in the company going out there and putting on a spectacular match. Cesaro in particular has a pretty good record with match quality in 2 out of 3 falls matches, and if you need any evidence just look up his wars with Sami Zayn in NXT. I genuinely don’t know who will win this one, so I’m going to go with hope more than anything. There have always been big plans for Cesaro, he apparently just needs to be patient. Ziggler has had a bit more of an up and down time of it, and I think he needs the belt more. So I’m going with him, but it really could go either way.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion – Dolph Ziggler by pinfall (2-1)

M:  Another good match hopefully but overall just another match. I think Cesaro will take it though and hopefully move up the ladder.

Prediction: Winner via pinfall Cesaro


Tag Title Match

A: This was a very interesting title change, but maybe it was needed just to freshen things up a bit. For so long the tag team division was the focus of WWE TV, and was regularly stealing the show. Now the excitement over it (and the product in general, to be honest) has subsided. Again, I turn to internet rumours as validation for my pick here, but with rumours of an imminent Ascension, I have to go with the face team to challenge them, so there has to be a title change here.

Prediction: Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions – The Usos by pinfall

M:  Meh. It won’t be bad, they’re good performers and will have a good match. The Dusts will retain though.

Prediction: Winner via pinfall the Dusts.


Ambrose V Rollins

A: Please, please let this match go on last. It is far and away the most interesting and exciting match on this show, the crowd reaction should be immense, and these two frankly deserve this kind of spotlight. These are the two men who have saved shows from being truly awful over the last few weeks, and they are the future of the business. Let them go on last, let them have an epic moment that will make the careers of both men, and let’s move on from Orton-Cena. What’s next for these two? Hopefully not much for a long time. WWE are strongly hinting at a future Orton-Rollins rivalry, but save that for Wrestlemania. Let these two fight it out until the end of the year. I am writing with a lot of hope, and I really can’t help but feel that if this match falls flat, the whole show will suffer as a consequence. That in itself is extremely high praise, since it’s something I don’t think you can say about any other match on this card. But anyway, if this feud will continue, I think Rollins has to win. Ambrose can beat the hell out of him, gaining some measure of revenge, but he will still be looking for that elusive win over Rollins, while Seth will constantly brag about having that W.

Prediction: Winner – Seth Rollins by pinfall

M: Should be the best match on the card. I’m excited for this one. First time for both in the cell so I’m expecting innovative action. This one could go either way really but my gut is saying ambrose. I do think there will be a big finish though, maybe someone new entering the picture or someone old???

Prediction: Winner via pinfall Ambrose

A: So there you have it. As I said right at the top, this isn’t exactly a show either of us are particularly excited about, and that is a direct result of the booking in recent weeks. Matt and I both agree that the Ambrose/Rollins match should be quality. I have high hopes for the IC Title match while Matt is pinning his hopes on Rusev. We definitely seem to be in a lull right now. It’s as if WWE are just killing time until they really pick up a gear in the new year, but this is making it difficult to stick through till the end.

On a brighter note though, I have a potentially three part article in the works for this blog in the near future, as it’s about time we had some new, original content here! Stay tuned for that at some point in the coming week.

What do you think of our predictions? Do you agree with them? What do you think of the current state of the WWE? Let us know by commenting below, posting on our Facebook page or by emailing us directly if you’re that kind of person. Contact details, as always, are below.

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