Elimination Chamber 2014 Predictions

It’s the last stop before Wrestlemania, and indeed the last stop before wrestling is changed forever with the launch of the WWE Network! All that means this should be a big occasion, and a damn good show! This is Andrew here with the predictions for the Elimination Chamber 2014, just an hour to go to the show itself! Let’s get to it.

Kickoff Match: Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs Ryback and Curtis Axel

A: Oh how the mighty have fallen. It was only a month ago that the Rhodes brothers were Tag Team Champions, now they are very much an afterthought. I hope they are featured prominently on the Wrestlemania card, whether that be against each other or as part of a multi team Tag Title match. Personally I hope for the latter, what better way to feature the tag division at the biggest show of the year than in, say, a 20-25 minute tag team turmoil match for the championships? Anyway, the general rule I have for pre-show matches is that the faces win to get the crowd cheering for the start of the PPV. When the Rhodes brothers lost at the last kickoff match, I think it’s even more likely that they pick up the victory here.

Prediction: Winners – Cody Rhodes and Goldust by pinfall

M: The Rhodes boys have been taking the hits recently alright. I’ve got to believe that it’s all going towards a feud for mania, so why not start it here!?
Rybaxel are nothing right now so who better to beat the Rhodes and get them frustrated enough to turn on one another! Plus it’s Axel’s home town so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Prediction: Winners via pinfall – Rybaxel


Titus O’Neil vs Darren Young

A: My only issue with this is that it’s had next to no focus on Raw. It’s essentially a Smackdown only feud, that’s suddenly getting PPV time. Not even that, I would think it’s going to be a 5 minute squash. We could see that on Raw, and give those 5 minutes to make a special match somewhere else on the card even greater. On the other hand, it’s not often that a tag team break up gets the first match on PPV, so it’s a nice change. Some people loved the PTP, but I never really saw anything special in them, so I don’t mind that they’ve broken up. I think the WWE sees big things in Titus’ future, so I’m expecting him to get a dominant win here.

Prediction: Winner – Titus O’Neil by pinfall

M: There’s nothing to say here. Titus wins. What’s the point???

Prediction: Titus wins via pinfall


Tag Team Championship Match: The Usos vs The New Age Outlaws (C)

A: Unless they’re going for a turmoil-esque multi-man tag match at Wrestlemania, this is the wrong decision. If there’s going to be a traditional tag match for the titles at Mania, this should be it, so seeing it here will make it that much less special. There’s a couple of possibilities I see for the titles’ future, either the NAO retains here by shady means and the Usos win the belts at Mania, or the Usos win the belts here and drop them to Luke Harper and Erick Rowan at Mania. I think the Wyatts can wait a bit before getting the titles, and I doubt the Outlaws’ reign will only last a month, so I’m picking them to retain here. I highly doubt it’ll be clean though, so I’m going to steal one of Matt’s finished from recent PPVs that they haven’t used to end a match in a while.

Prediction: Winners and STILL Tag Team Champions – New Age Outlaws by pinfall after using a title belt

M: Hmmmmm I think the Uso’s will win the titles, I just can’t decide whether it’s here or at mania. Surely they would build a feud before switching. For that reason I’m going with the Outlaws.

Prediction: Outlaws steal the victory via pinfall.


Intercontinental Championship Match: Jack Swagger vs Big E (C)

A: No more Langston, in what is one of the most pointless name changes ever. This is the second biggest lock on the card, no contest here.

Prediction: Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion – Big E by pinfall

M: It’s just an excuse to get swagger on the card really. With his partner being pushed, and deservedly so, he’s got to do something. It’s an easy one though!

Prediction: winner and still champ – Big E “Langston” via pinfall


Batista vs Alberto Del Rio

This is the biggest lock on the card. Del Rio is rumoured to be leaving when his contract expires later this year, so expect to see him lose a lot until he does.

Winner – Batista by pinfall after a Batista Bomb

M: Batista wins. That is all

Prediction: winner via pinfall Batista.


The Wyatt Family vs The Shield

A: I wouldn’t be surprised if this opens the show. Previously they’ve opened the show with one chamber match and closed with another, but with only one match inside the chamber this year that’s not an option. Which leads me to another question: why isn’t this inside the chamber? It’s never been done before, and it would be the perfect way to tease more dissension between the Shield. Reigns opens with, say, Rowan. Just as the third person is about to enter the match, Reigns pins him. The third man is then Ambrose. With a few minutes on their own, they start brawling. Reigns spears Ambrose, leaving the next man in (Harper) to pin Ambrose easily, while Reigns just stands there and watches. Right there, The Shield is done, and it leads to an obvious Mania match. Anyway, that obviously won’t happen exactly like that. But I get the feeling this is the farewell 6-man-tag match from the Shield, and it just happens to be a dream match against the Wyatt Family. Enjoy this, you will never see it again.

Prediction: Winners – The Wyatt Family by pinfall

M: This will be the best match of the night I promise. I’ve wanted to see this for a while and it’s finally here. There’s so much good about both these teams that it actually got me tingling. Bray Wyatt has become a force. That match he had with Bryan at the rumble, is definitely my match of the year. This I feel will be more about the end of the shield than anything else though. I can see reigns owning Ambrose at some point and walking away after Ambrose gets in his face. I’ll wrap it up as it’s time to start and I’ve got one more to go.

Prediction: Wyatt’s win via pinfall after Bray pins Ambrose.


Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

A: So for this one, I can see several things happening. We get free guesses at the order of elimination, so I’m just going to get straight into them as predictions:

1st Elimination: Christian – Christian will be the first to go, because he obviously has the least chance of winning. Who will eliminate him? Cesaro. It’s gonna be a huge night for him.

2nd Elimination: John Cena – Ok, this is a risky one. I’ve got him down as the second elimination, but I want to stress I don’t think he’ll be eliminated early. Either there will only be one person left to enter, or everybody will have entered the match by this point. Who will eliminate him? Cesaro. I know, I know. But I only think Cesaro will pick up the pieces after the Wyatt Family gets involved. A Cena-Wyatt match looks like the direction they’re going in for Mania, so something’s gotta happen here.

3rd Elimination: Sheamus – but there’s so much more to it. The roster is lacking main event heels at the minute, so I think Sheamus is gonna turn here. Who will eliminate him? Daniel Bryan. And even more than that, after Sheamus is eliminated, he will Brogue Kick Daniel Bryan. I’m running the risk of losing a lot of points I think here, because while we get free guesses at the order of eliminations, I’m going further in most of them.

4th Elimination: Cesaro – this could be another huge night for Cesaro. I’ve got him down to eliminate one third of the field, and he could be involved in a few high spots (a European Uppercut onto someone who jumps off a pod anyone?) I would expect him to open the match with either Bryan or Christian, so to last this long while chipping in with a couple of pinfalls would show he belongs at the main event level. Who will eliminate him? Daniel Bryan. It could give him a bit of momentum, and let the fans believe Bryan can still win even after having the crap beaten out of him.

5th Elimination: Daniel Bryan – a couple of days after the Rumble I might have picked Bryan to win, but the hysteria has calmed down and I’ve moved away from that train of thought. If he starts and goes all the way to the end, then he has an excuse for not quite coming out victorious – especially if as I would expect Orton enters the match last. Lasting the whole way through, plus an attack from Sheamus, is enough to keep Bryan looking strong in defeat. Plus, it will give the victor massive heel heat, because they have denied us what we really want – Bryan as champion.

Which only leaves…

Prediction: Winner and STILL WWE World Heavyweight Champion – Randy Orton by pinfall

M: Played right this will be epic. I’ll get on with my order.

1st elimination. Christian. Nothing personal, I just think he’s got the least to offer this feud.

2nd elimination. Seamus.
3rd elimination. Cesaro. He will have an epic match here, but I think what’s coming next will be the reason he goes out here.
4th elimination. Cena. I think that Bray interferes here and costs Cena his place at mania. Bray takes out Cena for Orton to pin him.
5th elimination. Bryan. I think after Orton pins Cena Bryan takes control and will look to have won it after capitalising but Orton will hit an rko out of nowhere to steal it.
So your winner

Prediction. Winner via pinfall Orton.


A: Normally I would be very hesitant to make so many specific picks, but with only two events left to score points for the fantasy league, I’ve got to try and get as many as possible at this point!

I think it’s obvious from my write ups that there are a couple of matches on here I have very little to no interest in. That shouldn’t be the case this close to Wrestlemania, passions should be running high and the product should be on fire, but it still feels like there’s something missing. It’s almost as though with the launch of the Network tomorrow night, WWE doesn’t feel like this is the big show this week, and are saving anything really special for tomorrow.

As always, we want to know what you think! Am I right to be so disinterested in some of the matches? And do you agree with my vision for the Chamber match itself? Let us know by any of the methods below. Some big steps have been taken since the last predictions column, not least some much more regular content on this site, and you can now like us on Facebook, and hear me talk about wrestling on YouTube with the man behind Black Watcher Reviews. Please do get involved, it’s never been easier to contact us and spread the word about us!

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