Month: February 2014

Elimination Chamber 2014 Predictions

It’s the last stop before Wrestlemania, and indeed the last stop before wrestling is changed forever with the launch of the WWE Network! All that means this should be a big occasion, and a damn good show! This is Andrew here with the predictions… Continue Reading “Elimination Chamber 2014 Predictions”

The Black Pleb Watchers of Wrestling

Ok guys, this is a brand new YouTube show, featuring me and Jamie from Black Watcher Reviews just talking about wrestling for a bit! It will become a regular feature, so keep your eyes peeled for themost recent episodes. This week’s video features us… Continue Reading “The Black Pleb Watchers of Wrestling”

Plebeian Point of View: Why WWE Won’t Miss CM Punk

The big story that has dominated the WWE universe off-screen over the last month is focused around one man: CM Punk. We haven’t seen or really heard from him since the Royal Rumble, and WWE hasn’t commented on him either. What we have gathered… Continue Reading “Plebeian Point of View: Why WWE Won’t Miss CM Punk”

Thoughts of a Pleb: The John Cena Effect

John Cena. The most divisive WWE superstar of the last decade, possibly even longer than that, but undoubtedly the top guy in the company over that time. This article won’t be looking at whether he’s good or bad or anything like that. No, this… Continue Reading “Thoughts of a Pleb: The John Cena Effect”

Thoughts of a Pleb: Ambrose vs Rollins vs Reigns – 2012

I just watched this video on YouTube. It was a triple threat match from FCW (WWE’s developmental system, since renamed NXT) two years ago, featuring the three competitors that I’ve named in the title. The winner would receive a shot at the FCW championship… Continue Reading “Thoughts of a Pleb: Ambrose vs Rollins vs Reigns – 2012”

January 2014 News: Month in Review

So this is the first of what will hopefully become a regular feature here. I am going to round up the biggest news stories/moments of the month, and put them all into a list. It will let me cover stories that I wouldn’t otherwise… Continue Reading “January 2014 News: Month in Review”