Month: November 2013

Thought’s of a Pleb: The Undisputed Championship

So around 13 months ago, I wrote almost 2400 words on the issue of the brand extension. I listed some arguments both for and against, and one of those I picked up on that fell into the latter category was the issue of having… Continue Reading “Thought’s of a Pleb: The Undisputed Championship”

Survivor Series 2013 Predictions

It’s time for Survivor Series! Historically one of the “Big 4” PPVs but it really hasn’t felt all that special for a while now. Especially this year. The two “top” matches are just not exciting. There are a couple of others on the show… Continue Reading “Survivor Series 2013 Predictions”

Plebeian Point Of View: Why WWE Should Buy TNA

A story that hit the headlines in the wrestling world recently was that of the potential takeover of TNA. I don’t think I’ve ever written about the number 2 wrestling company, but maybe I’ve mentioned them in passing. There were reported to be several… Continue Reading “Plebeian Point Of View: Why WWE Should Buy TNA”